Thursday, January 18, 2018

God who suffers with us

To me, the concept of the 'God who suffers with us' is as important as the concept of the 'God who suffered for us' (passion/crucifixion of the Christ). It is because of the former is in our current reality (it happens even now) and as it comforts us (we are not alone in our suffering). Also, it makes the act of lessening someone else's suffering a holy one as in that process we are also lessening God's suffering. Again, it (our act of lessening some else's suffering) enables that person to 'see the invisible hand of God' in our actions and hence strengthening his/her belief in (relationship with) God!

It can also be argued that one of the key reasons of the 'Word becoming flesh and dwelling among us' in the person of Jesus Christ (John 1:14) was to enable God to be more compassionate with the humans. After all, can one really be kind to someone else without being kin?

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