Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A conversation (Part 1)

Me : Hello Jesus! How are you?
(Jesus smiles)
Me: On hindsight, what a strange question to ask! It was a very human level question.
Jesus: I am more human than you think
Me: I know that being fully human AND fully God was your core miracle
Jesus: Was?
Me: Haven't you ceased to being human after you went back to heaven?
Jesus: After having made such a great effort to learn to be human, isn't it a waste to throw all hat learning away?
Me: Haven't you accomplished your mission on earth?
Jesus: Being the savior is not a one-time act. Yes, it happened once in one sense. But it keeps on happening in another sense.
Me : When I hear this, the image of Prometheus comes to my mind!
Jesus: Eagle eating his liver, the liver growing back to be eaten by the eagle again and then again growing back...?
Me: Yes! Come to think of it I think this image is rather neat. Prometheus was given this punishment for giving fire to the humans and you are supposed to be the light of the world!
Jesus: The myth speaks about stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humans. I didn't do any stealing (smiles)
Me: That I agree. Anyway, many of us on earth carry a crucifix (with your image still on the cross) and display your pictures with your wounds still intact!
Me: I feel like praying; but no words are coming to my mind
Jesus: That is perfectly fine with me. No words are required. Often, words are a distraction. Just be with me!

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