Sunday, January 20, 2008

Interesting Links

The aim of this post is to highlight some articles/posts that discuss matters in line with the basic nature of this blog.

1. Zazen and Christianity : This is a talk given by Yamada Roshi more than 30 years ago. It provides an insightful comparison between Zen and Christianity - the focus being on meditation.

2. Christianity in Kerala : This is an article written by Abraham Tharakan on the history of Christianity in Kerala.

3. India outside my window blog : This blog has very good pictures and articles focusing mainly on life in South India

4. Prasad Kurian's blog : While most of the posts on this blog are on HR/OD, it has some interesting takes on personal effectiveness. The most relevant posts are Making problems disappear, Everlasting or timeless? , So true that it can't be real, Personal effectiveness and wisdom , Leaders and battle scars and Of problems, paradoxes, koans and wisdom.

5. Experiencing life blog : Interesting posts - often from a social science perspective - like this one On maturity.

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